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THE POWER OF COMPASSION: Stories that Open the Heart, Heal the Soul and Change the World

HEAVEN SPEAKS: Intimate Interviews with Illuminated Souls


Deep ImmersionTM

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I’m the featured guest on Mari Frank’s FM radio show “Prescriptions for Healing Conflict, talking about how why our culture is presently in a trance and what we can do about it.

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I’m the featured guest on Rabbi Rami Shapiro’s “How to be a Holy Rascal” on Unity Radio, talking about heaven, hell, the spirit world and all the hidden help we actually ave.

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Sam Liebowitz, the Conscious Consultant

of Talking Alternative

Radio, interviews me

about my life, writings and healing work.

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“Beyond 50”

Radio Show with Daniel Davis as I talk about “The Healing Phenomenon of Braco.”


Inspiration comes in all forms, all dimensions. As we move through 2014 and beyond, we are having monumental opportunities to shift, raise our frequency, and elevate ourselves to a new perspective. The world is fast-shifting, revealing that each of us is a magnificent being of light, able to connect with our deepest soul roots so we can connect with and support each other.

As a visionary writer, I open to let Soul shape the words that reflect the truth within.

As a singer of sacred chant, I allow the rhythm and melody of song to nourish, uplift and transform.

As a healing facilitator, I commit to the inner spark that naturally unfolds our innate wholeness.

And as a wedding officiant, I’m delighted to help couples create the kind of ceremony that best reflects their hearts!

NEW THIS AUTUMN: Gifts from the Heart!

Experience my new form of work called DEEP IMMERSION -

a 50-minute transmission of healing energy guided by my speaking voice and healing sounds. Personally customized for each person, Deep Immersioncan take you into the deep states of consciousness where healing occurs - even if you have never meditated before. The session can be done in person or long-distance over the phone, and customized tapes can be made for the same effect. Most people like to lie down, though you may sit up, and it’s great for anyone, whether you are in an emotional or physical crises or simply wanting to align body and soul.  People are reporting intense effects on all dimensions. One client who had experienced a traumatic accident reported:  “Physically invigorating and spiritually uplifting.” She also reported her healing time had been greatly accelerated.

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My profile of famed rock photographer Norman Seeff in

Science of Mind magazine. May 2014.

And my fun interview with  Holy Rascal Rabbi Rami Shapiro that explores my healing work and writing.

In ease and joy,

Pamela Bloom


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