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I’ve just joined the Energy Healing Team at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital, under the Department of Integrative Medicine, where I regularly see patients, offer energy healing, meditation and guided imagery, and consult with staff.

By appointment, I also make room visits to other hospitals in the NYC area, including Memorial Sloan Kettering and New York Columbia

Presbyterian as well as home visits and phone sessions to offer complementary therapies for such conditions as:

cancer (chemo)



joint and bone




drug withdrawal



and more....

My Books

THE POWER OF COMPASSION: Stories that Open the Heart, Heal the Soul and Change the World

HEAVEN SPEAKS: Intimate Interviews with Illuminated Souls


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I’m the featured guest on Mari Frank’s FM radio show “Prescriptions for Healing Conflict.”


Healing comes in all forms, from many dimensions. As we move through 2015 and beyond, each of us is being gifted with profound opportunities to shift our thoughts, raise our frequency, and elevate our perspective to new horizons. For some of us, it may be a catastrophic or chronic illness that opens us to transformation; for others, a breakup, financial loss  or the tragic passing of a loved one becomes a portal to deeper growth. For all of us, collectively swept up in this current wave of planetary events, our challenge might simply be how to stay sane, discover our mission and contribute something positive to the world.

Drawing on more than 30 years of training and practice, I combine energy healing work with body-mind practices and psycho-spiritual counseling to help you navigate these powerful transitions with greater power, ease and grace. My ultimate goal always is to help you find and empower your own healing source within.

I have a variety of ways to work with clients and customize sessions for each individual. Check out the kinds of sessions I offer.

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I’d love to introduce you to the latest work I developed called DEEP IMMERSION HEALING-- a one-hour session combining a transmission of healing energy with music and guided imagery to effortlessly lead you into the deep states of consciousness where healing occurs. These sessions are great for anyone at any age, whether you are facing a physical health crisis, weathering emotional storms or simply looking for a good night’s rest. Clients have been reporting amazing effects -- including increased relaxation, deeper meditative states, pain relief, improved sleep, sensations of lightness and energy, and much more.  Check out Testimonials here.

The free 15-minute sample is conducted over the phone. The full 1-hour session can be done in person or over the phone/Skype. 

I also create customized HEALING TAPES that incorporate my Deep Immersion techniques and are personalized for each client.

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LISTEN to Rabbi Rami Shapiro  talk to me about healing on his Unity Channel show “How to Be a Holy Rascal.”


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